Recycling Program

Perhaps you have read about our Lip Shots recycling program.  If not, learn more about it below.

If so, then you may be excited to know we have a more comprehensive recycling program.

AA Recycling Program:

For every ten containers of the same type that you return to us, we will include a fill sized product in your container with your next purchase.  Do not worry!  When we receive containers, they are placed in bags with our customers information, so you will received the same container after it has been sterilized.  Help us keep our costs low, so we can provide more affordable products to you.

Lip Shots Recycling Program:

For each lip shot container you recycle with us, we will give you 10 cents towards any purchase of house brand (Angeline’s Addiction) products.  Subject to limitations, restrictions, and exclusions.  For every 25 containers you return to us to recycle, you will receive a random free Lip Shot refill.

Must be in central Florida to participate.

Lip Shots contain nourishing ingredients such as various butters (nut and plant) and oils (nut and plant), possibly wax.  They may also contain titanium dioxide, mica, zinc oxide, and other colorants.

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For sanitation purposes, all sales are final.

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