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  • cinnamoncoffee_02195

    Basic Lip Rocks Lip & Face Scrub


    This product is not vegan as it contains honey.  It does not contain shea butter, so it may be safer for those with nut allergies.  For our vegan alternative with shea butter, please see our butter lip rocks.

  • lavender_himalayanscrub_02237

    Himalayan Body Rocks Salt Scrub


    This product comes in a glass jar due to content of essential oil and is vegan.

    Glass jars are more expensive than plastic jars.  Essential oils are known to attach particles such as those which comprise plastic.

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    Mr. Smooth’s Bald Butter Shaving Cream

    $2.50$10.00 $2.50$8.50

    Use this shaving cream for a brand new kind of smooth.

    Shelf Life:  one month.  Refrigerate between uses.  May need additional “fluffing.”

    This item is made upon orders to ensure freshness.

For sanitation purposes, all sales are final.