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  • Lip Shots Liquid Lipstick


    1 dram

    These liquid lipsticks are limited edition items.  Once they are gone, they  are gone.  🙁 They are glossy and are made from various oils that lubricate and nourish the lips.  These colors are lip and eye safe.  If you add to melted wax, you can turn them into lip and eye pencils.

    Terri Ammon is a special limited edition color in honor of a good woman who passed away on 12/19/2013.  Her son is a UF Gator, and she loved orange lipstick.  She passed before the release of this color, so hopefully she is smiling down on us with approval.

    Ma Meng is a special limited edition color for a woman of same name from Jinan, China.  It is a beautiful pinkish purple, similar to Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014 Radiant Orchid.

    Locked ‘n Loaded is an antique silver.

    Liquid Gold is an antique gold.


    These colors were named by Mr. Smooth. Our lip shots contain spearmint essential oil, which requires glass packaging.  Some essential oils have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.  As such, they tend to attack plastics.  We do not want your products to be contaminated by plastic.

    We custom blended this product with various oils that have restorative, regenerative, nourishing, and lubricating properties.

    This product is packaged in a glass container. Essential oils with antimicrobial / antibacterial properties can “eat” plastic. We do not want your product to be contaminated with plastic.

    Pregnant women should be careful when using essential oils as it is not recommended.

    Essential oils such as lime, lemon, orange, and/or other citrus fruits are photo toxic and should not be used immediately preceding sun exposure.

    Typical lipstick weighs 3.4 grams which is approximately 1.9189 drams.

For sanitation purposes, all sales are final.