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  • cinnamoncoffee_02195

    Basic Lip Rocks Lip & Face Scrub


    This product is not vegan as it contains honey.  It does not contain shea butter, so it may be safer for those with nut allergies.  For our vegan alternative with shea butter, please see our butter lip rocks.

  • Sale! French Clay Blush

    French Clay Makeup

    $8.00 $6.50

    5 ml container

    French clays have detoxifying benefit and minerals.

  • lavender_himalayanscrub_02237

    Himalayan Body Rocks Salt Scrub


    This product comes in a glass jar due to content of essential oil and is vegan.

    Glass jars are more expensive than plastic jars.  Essential oils are known to attach particles such as those which comprise plastic.

  • Aunt Linda's Chocolate Lip Balm

    Lip Balm – Aunt Linda


    This lip balm was created in honor of Aunt Linda, a cancer survivor.  Fifty percent of net proceeds from this product will be donated to the American Cancer Society in her honor.

    Please check the ingredient list for potential allergens as we are not responsible for any sensitivity or reaction formed due to these products.

  • Red Reef Lip Stain

    Lip Stain – Australian Red Reef Clay


    .15 oz

    This nourishing lip balm is made of various clays from Australia, each providing various benefits. It will give a nice rustic red lip stain.  If you mix it with titanium dioxide, you can opacify it to become a pink lipstick

    Please check the ingredient list for potential allergens as we are not responsible for any sensitivity or reaction formed due to these products.

  • Sale! 20131103_02253_300x300

    Mr. Smooth’s Bald Butter Shaving Cream

    $2.50$10.00 $2.50$8.50

    Use this shaving cream for a brand new kind of smooth.

    Shelf Life:  one month.  Refrigerate between uses.  May need additional “fluffing.”

    This item is made upon orders to ensure freshness.

  • Sale! 20131103_02256_300x300

    Mr. Smooth’s Butt & Body Butter

    $2.50$10.00 $2.50$8.50

    This product was made with men in mind.  Most of us want our bodies to be smooth and properly moisturized.  Mr. Smooth’s Butt & Body Butter gives a glow to the skin.

    This product is made to order to guarantee freshness.  If used daily, it does not require refrigeration and should last approximately one week.



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    Mr. Smooth’s Lip Lube


    .625 drams / 0.078 oz / 2.6 ml / 1.11 g

    Dry lips? Need nourishment? Try Mr. Smooth’s Lip Lube!  This custom blended mix of oils and butters was created with oils that are known for emollient properties, easy absorption by the skin, and regenerative properties.

    This oil was designed for lips but can be used on entire body including face.

    If you prefer stick or balm form, you may mix the oil blend with a little melted carnauba or candelillela wax.  Let sit and wait for it to harden then apply as balm.

    This blend may also be used as an oil base to be added to melted wax and colorants to create lip sticks, lip pencils, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, etc.  Please note that the nature of mica is transparent.  For mica to be used as colorants, opacifiers must be added.

    If you would like to order a larger volume of this product, please contact us through the contact page or the product inquiry.

For sanitation purposes, all sales are final.