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  • Magic Set Mixing & Lining Liquid

    GMC Magic Set Mixing & Lining Liquid


    Magic Set Mixing & Lining Liquid

     - Face Painting - Cosmetic Powdered Metals« Gold and Silver - Magic Set Mixing & Lining Liquid

    1/2 oz bottle

    Magic Set(tm) can be used as a mixing liquid to create colors of liquid make-up out of Luster Powders or Cosmetic Powdered Metals. Magic Set can also be used as a lining liquid when mixed with our Luster Powders or our Powdered Glitters. Basically, Magic Set(tm) is a clear, reasonably fast drying substance which when added to a powder, yields a brush-on product that can be used as an over all coat or as a accenting or lining product. The resultant coat will be durable and beautiful. That’s the Magic!

    What really sets Graftobian’s Mixing & Lining Liquid apart from other mixing liquids is that our formula has NO ALCOHOL in it!  That means it is safe for use in the eye area and is also safe to fly expedited when needed without Haz. Mat. charges.  Just try to beat that!   Click on graphic at right for some helpful images.

  • GMC Setting Spray


    1.25 oz bottle

    Setting Spray lays a thin barrier over your make-up, whatever it is, helping to make it more smudgeproof and more moistureproof. Spray over powdered down creme based make-ups or over Luster Creme powdered with Luster Powder. (See Luster Make-Up) Pro Tip: Spray through an airbrush, over any Graftobian airbrush makeup application to yield a soft sheen as well as a more durable finish. The application through an airbrush gives a much finer atomization than spraying through the mist bottle as supplied. Note: This item also makes a good hair setting spray and is perfect for setting powdered glitter into the hair. Many artists use our Setting Spray as a sweat barrier spray UNDER a makeup application. -[We recommend using the airbrush for barrier application as well to get a finer, more even coat.]

  • GMC Single Blade Spatula


    Single Blade Spatula

     - Face Painting - Cosmetic Powdered Metals« Gold and Silver - Single Blade Spatula

    Often helpful when dispensing small amounts of powdered metal into a dish filled with Mixing & Lining liquid.

  • GMC Stainless Steel Mixing Palette


    Stainless Steel Mixing Palette

     - Stainless Steel Mixing Palette

    This nifty piece of smooth cornered, plate stainless steel is the perfect surface for mixing colors of creme based make-up. Use in conjunction with the Flat Mixing Spatula and you’ll be in mixing Heaven.

  • Graftobian Cosmetic Powdered Metal


    Please note that some metals are heavier than others.

  • Graftobian F/X Aire Colors

    Graftobian F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup


    2 oz bottle

  • Graftobian HD Sampler Pack


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