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    Mr. Smooth’s Lip Lube


    .625 drams / 0.078 oz / 2.6 ml / 1.11 g

    Dry lips? Need nourishment? Try Mr. Smooth’s Lip Lube!  This custom blended mix of oils and butters was created with oils that are known for emollient properties, easy absorption by the skin, and regenerative properties.

    This oil was designed for lips but can be used on entire body including face.

    If you prefer stick or balm form, you may mix the oil blend with a little melted carnauba or candelillela wax.  Let sit and wait for it to harden then apply as balm.

    This blend may also be used as an oil base to be added to melted wax and colorants to create lip sticks, lip pencils, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, etc.  Please note that the nature of mica is transparent.  For mica to be used as colorants, opacifiers must be added.

    If you would like to order a larger volume of this product, please contact us through the contact page or the product inquiry.

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