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Lucky in Lime Crime


The lids were prepped with MAC Prep and Prime. Lime Criminal was patted onto the lid, from the inner second quarter to the outer corner, with a stiff bristle brush. Citrus girl was added to the inner corners on both top and bottom lids. Mischief Managed was used to lowlight and add dimension to the upper lid by adding it to the crease and outer corner. Shoe Addict was used as eyeliner on the top and bottom lids. Troubadour was added to the lower lid to give more color. The draft look was finished with Airborne Unicorn on the lips. The purple was a nice compliment and did not look too purple in a professional office setting. Even if Orlando business offices are not ready for Lime Crime’s fabulously and highly pigmented explosions of color, you can still have fun with Lime Crime. This citrus inspired look is very Florida with use of lemon and lime colors. “And don’t it make my brown eyes blue…” you can too with these lovely colors. Blondes may have more fun, but brown eyed girls have the best of all worlds!


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This article was remotely published. Please excuse brevity, typos, and/or abbreviations.


Notes: Photos were informal snapshots taken with an iPhone 3Gs. Makeup look was not polished as it was simply a sketch to experiment.


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