Ingredient Lists

Our products contain the below listed ingredients.  “May contain” means that the items, at some point, have been in contact with our lab equipment.  Many of Angeline’s Addiction products are custom formulated for clients pursuant to their skin care needs and concerns.  We reserve the right to alter formulations without notice.  Please check for current ingredient list of the products you are seeking.

Most of our products are vegan and cruelty-free.  We may introduce non-vegan items in the future.  For example, should you prefer honey in your lip and body products, we can add it.



Various butters, customized per client.

May contain: Shea (elasticity), cocoa (E, scarring, humectant), mango (aging, oleic, stearic acid, humectant), palm kernel (alpha carotene, beta carotene, lycopene, E, K).



Various oils, customized per client.

May contain:  coconut (lauric, elasticity, anti aging), apricot kernel (A, E, oleic, linoleic), avocado (E, oleic, regenerative, sun protectant), safflower (oleic), sunflower (oleic, E), olive (elasticity), cherry (A, E, oleic, fight UV absorption), argan (E, oleic, linoleic, anti aging), jojoba oil (sebum), pomegranate (reg), grape seed (oleic, linoleic, stressed skin), hemp oil (omega 3, omega 6), castor oil, sweet almond (A,E,B, oleic, linoleic), triglyceride, vitamin E.

Oils we will be incorporating eventually:  broccoli, tomato, Rosehip (linoleic, linolenic, anti aging, regenerative), Sea buckthorn (omega 7, palmitoleic, regenerative), Rice bran (UV protection), Peach kernel (mature, aging), Squalene (olive, sebum), Meadow form (restorative), Macadamia nut (palmitoleic, oleic, protective, sebum, regenerative), Black currant (omega 6, ALA, omega 3, elasticity), Baobab (omega 3, C, elasticity, anti aging); oils with high coenzyme q10 (rapeseed, sesame, broccoli, wheat germ (aging)); oils with high vitamin K content (basil, parsely, thyme, kale, dandelion, oregano, spinach).


Essential Oils

Various essential oils, customized per client.

May contain:  peppermint, cinnamon, lavender, birch, pink grapefruit, lemon, orange, rosemary antioxidant preservative, carrot seed



Various extracts, customized per client.

May contain: raspberry, peppermint, lemon, orange, vanilla, lavender



May contain:  dandelion powder, mugwort root, yarrow powder, goldenseal powder.



May contain: hemp, aloe, green tea.


Fruits & Vegetables

May contain fruit juice and/or particles:  lemon (photo toxic), orange (photo toxic), cucumber, strawberry, blueberry.



May contain: Demerara sugar, Himalayan pink salt, lavender buds, cranberry seeds, vanilla bean specks, coffee beans / grounds.


Fillers & Colorants

Lip and face products may contain: red reef clay, midnight black clay, red clay, yellow clay, beige clay, ivory clay, pink clay.

Lip and face products may contain: mica, magnesium stearate, stearyl palmitate, xanthiam gum, FD&C blue 1, red 40, yellow 5, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, boron oxide, silica micronospheres, isododecane, manganese violet.



May contain:  caranuaba, candelilla, hydrogenated castor flakes, orange peel (phototoxic)

Angeline’s Addiction products will not contain items such as licorice or ginseng as they are know to stimulate / emulate estrogen production. No soy or flax, as the creator is allergic to such items.

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For sanitation purposes, all sales are final.

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