How to use @occmakeup Lip Tars

I have been testing OCC Makeup Lip Tars for a couple of weeks. I’ve tried them on dried lips, moisturized lips, and with and without lip liner.

Chapstick does not work well for me, but I often use Blistex lip balm to soften my lips. Sometimes I use Aquafina, but it is too similar to Vaseline. Some Lip Tars are very potent, and they glide over very smoothly on unprimed lips. Strutter and NSFW are very robust colors with impeccable coverage over unprimed lips. Rx, Traffic, Hush, Cha Cha, and Trick did not smooth over as well. Even over moisturized lips, they were a little streaky.

The best thing I have tried so far is Sally Hansen Lip Inflation. The OCC Lip Tars appear to work well over the glossy, clear base. Melange, Conquest, and Red Iron Oxide glided on glossy then tried to matte as the days progressed. I fell asleep in Beta to see if it would last the night. Of course it was a little faded, but my lips were orange through the night until I brushed my teeth and washed it off the next morning. Cha Cha is very similar to Lime Crime Cosmopop, and Conquest is similar to Coquette but not as pink.

I have used Lip Tars over liner, but my colors do not tend to bleed. Liner is not necessary for me, so I cannot say whether or not liner effectively aides against product bleed.

I have used Lip Tars with brushes and straight from tubes. It depends on color used and desired effect. Brushing moves products in general, so the application technique is important. An angled eyebrow shaping or eyeliner brush works well to clean messes or tidy lip lines.

I have not mixed many shades. A nice mix was Red Iron Oxide and Conquest. It was a pink nude. Hush and Trick. Traffic and NSFW. Mostly when I use two colors, I create a gradient, do I really do not mix them. They seem to smooth and blend on their own. When mixing, I’ve just mixed directly on my lips with brushes. Sometimes the color does not spread evenly that way, but I do not always like my makeup to be perfect. It is a reminder that we are humans, and humans are not perfect. Sometimes the streaky effect looks nice. It is about choices and preferences. is where to purchase Lip Tars. If you are leery of trying new brands or products, visit the OCC Garage Sale for great deals to start your kits.

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