Charitable Organizations

A portion of proceeds from some items are designated for donation to charitable organizations. If you are interested in fundraising sponsorships, please email us through our contact form. We offer private labeling of our house brand in which you may purchase from us and set your own prices.

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger Syndrome

Free makeup tips are available for a minimum contribution of $5.00 to be donated, in honor of someone with autism, to the Autism Society of America. 


Free Samples

Free samples of Angeline’s Addiction products are sent with each order. Due to costs involved carrying indie brands, we are unable to provide samples of other vendors. To keep costs low, we make no profit from sales of indie vendor items, and it costs us more to offer the products through our store, leaving us at a profit loss.



While we welcome reviews of the indie brands on our site, we do not purchase reviews.  There is something on sale almost all of the time in our shop, so please check our Sales and Promotion pages for discounts and coupons.  Some of our promotions are only advertised on FaceBook / Instagram / Twitter, so please feel free to follow us there.  Additionally, we have a collaboration with Notoriously Morbid on a collection inspired by the late Talia Joy Castellano.  While neither company is affiliated with Ms. Castellano and/or her family, we wanted to pay tribute to her memory.  As such, all net proceeds from the collection will be donated to a charitable organization for cancer research in honor of Ms. Castellano.  Due to her affiliation with Cover Girl, we are unable to create a line using her name, image, and/or likeness.  That is why collection is only inspired by her but is in no way affiliated with her.

We have had many requests from very well known makeup artists and beauty bloggers who expressed interest in product promotion. However, these “professionals” were merely seeking free products and had no intentions of promoting. Generally, bloggers do not read our site to learn about our mission.  As such, they would not be good matches to represent our company.  Therefore, interested parties must demonstrate social networking capabilities to be eligible for free products beyond samples with purchases. They will receive incentives and discount codes for their followers. Once their promotional abilities have been proven, they will be eligible to receive free products without purchase. The original of the business agreement must be signed before a Notary Public and snail mailed to us.

Free does not cost you, but it costs us by using our time, purchasing of containers, purchasing of ingredients, gas / tolls / mileage, shipping, freight charges, import fees, taxes, accounting costs, federal and state business fees, and postage. The store owner is disabled, terminally ill, and unable to work traditional jobs. It then becomes a matter of seeking required medical care or giving away her money to random requesters.

Please understand that if we were to entertain all requests for free products, we would have no money to make products or host this website.


For sanitation purposes, all sales are final.

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