If you attend University of Central Florida, Valencia College, Seminole State College, or Rollins College, you may be eligible for internship credits. Duties include assisting with marketing and social media.

Promotional team must have public profiles on each of those social networking sites as they would be required to photograph themselves and the products. For example: using our client’s lipstick while getting ready for the day’s events, out shopping / school / work / etc., and various settings.

When team members have demonstrated their promotion abilities, they will be eligible for free products, discounts, free makeup and photography sessions, and tear sheets.

Do you have strong networking skills? We are seeking independent contractors to help expand our network.

We are always seeking models to appear in our videos, ads, and at instructional sessions.

Want to get your work featured on our site and Send us photos of your work with our products that you have purchased from our store. Photos must be accompanied by a release from both model and photographer specifically granting permission to use the images for self promotion, “commercial business use.”

For sanitation purposes, all sales are final.

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